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Where in the world do pro athletes come from?

Active NHL, NBA, and MLB players by place of birth

NHL Players

NBA Players

MLB Players


NHL home jersey timeline


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Draft position of past NHL trophy winners

AKA – Lets see how good NHL scouts really are…



Follow the break for Norris, Vezina, and Calder numbers.

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Sports venues with the highest and lowest seating capacities


When did the NHL’s top 20 all-time scorers play?

NHL Top 20 Scorers
Of the NHL’s top 20 all-time point leaders:
  • The earliest career was Howe’s starting in 1947
  • Only Jagr and Selanne are still active
  • During the 1993-94 and 1994-95 seasons, 16 of the 20 players were active (the most at any time)
  • The average number of seasons played is 20.7
  • The average retirement age is 39.6
  • Only Yzerman, Lemieux, and Mikita played for just one franchise
  • Only Recchi, Coffey, Trottier, and Kurri never wore a “C”
  • 16 Canadians, 2 Czechoslovakians, 2 Fins
  • The top 3 franchises (adding seasons by all players in the list):
    • Detroit – 58 Seasons
    • Pittsburgh – 54 Seasons
    • Edmonton – 37 Seasons (barely edging Boston with 35)

Top 10s and bottom 10s

Top and Bottom 10 teams by league