The NHL According to Reddit – Part 1

Part 1 – Rename All the Teams!

Let’s start by renaming every team based on its fans’ interests. How? By searching the top all-time posts on each team’s market (city, region, state) subreddit. Links to each post are below:


Here are the links to the post(s) that inspired these names:

The Anaheim Shitty Highways

#2 and #4 all-time on /r/OrangeCounty

The Arizona Racist Sheriffs

#1 and #5 all-time on /r/Phoenix

The Boston Chlamydias

#1 all-time on /r/Boston

The Buffalo Snowmaggedons

#1, #3, #4 and seriously the entire top/all-time on /r/Buffalo

The Calgary Photogenic Firefighters

#1 all-time on /r/Calgary

The Carolina Dirty Politics

#1 all-time on /r/NorthCarolina

The Chicago Heroin Epidemics

#1 all-time on /r/Chicago

The Colorado Jean Skiers

#2 all-time on /r/Denver

The Columbus Corn Pores

#2 all-time on /r/Columbus

The Dallas Bautista Poppers

#7 all-time on /r/Dallas

The Detroit Catchy Jingles

#3 all-time on /r/Detroit

The Edmonton Tree Guys

#1 all-time on /r/Edmonton

The Florida Road Rage

#2 all-time on /r/Miami

The Los Angeles Biblical Floods

#1 and #2 all-time on /r/LosAngeles

The Minnesota Canadian Secessionists

#2 all-time on /r/Minnesota

The Montreal Kijiji Scammers

#1 all-time on /r/Montreal

The Nashville Google Fibers

#3, #6 and about half the top/all-time on /r/Nashville

The New Jersey Christie Criticizers 

#1 and #7 all-time on /r/NewJersey

The New York (I) Tone-Deaf Legislators

#1 all-time on /r/LongIsland

The New York (R) Savage Newspapers

#2, #3, #8, and #10 all-time on /r/NYC

The Ottawa Bike Humor

#1 all-time on /r/Ottawa

The Philadelphia Sub Cleansers

#1 all-time on /r/Philadelphia

The Pittsburgh Lost Parrots

#1 all-time on /r/Pittsburgh

The San Jose No Yeahs

#1 all-time on /r/BayArea

The St. Louis Hit & Runs

#1 all-time on /r/StLouis

The Tampa Bay “Medicinal” Users

#1 all-time on /r/Tampa

The Toronto Crack Mayors

#2 and #5 all-time on /r/Toronto

The Vancouver Bidets

#1 all-time on /r/Vancouver

The Washington Jogging Horsemen

#4 all-time on /r/WashingtonDC

The Winnipeg Coal Roller Brodozers

#3 all-time on /r/Winnipeg


Part 2 will be regular season rankings. Stay tuned.


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