Professional Athlete Size Comparison

How do pro athletes stack up in terms of height and weight, and how do they compare to an average American?

Player Sizes


11 thoughts on “Professional Athlete Size Comparison

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  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for putting this together. I’d love to see something similar for professional cycling, and found some of the data on sports-reference, which you cited as your source. How did you get the height/weight info from the site?

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t see a ‘rosters’ page on the cycling info, as it is organized a bit differently. Thoughts on how to get this data?

      2. Short of clicking on individual athletes’ pages for that information, I’m not really sure what you can do. I usually try to look for 1 page with player stats that also includes dimensions but as there are no “teams” you might be out of luck in this case.

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