15 thoughts on “Where in the world do pro athletes come from?

  1. Hi! I’m an associate producer at Sports Illustrated: Extra Mustard, and we’d love to share these infographics. Could you shoot me an email so we can talk about the best way to do that?

  2. re: the MLB chart – curious you’d isolate san diego in california, as there are almost 2x players born in Los Angeles and its suburbs. I’m guessing you strictly sorted by ‘Los Angeles.’ also – more from Florida than California? sounds dubious.

    1. When it comes to the big city you’re right, the large metro areas might have been short changed a bit. I tried to keep to a pretty strict definition of city boundaries rather than get into the grey area of city vs. greater metropolitan areas.
      As for the states, note the percentages, California has more than twice the players that Florida does (22% of total US players vs. 10.6% – multiply these by 0.728 to get percentage of entire league).

    2. With the College power houses in Florida I will go with Florida. Florida State, University of Florida and Miami. They also have a few more Central Florida and Florida Atlantic. Add almost every team in the SEC and ACC have kids from Florida. Like it or not Florida is producing a lot of Football players for the Pros.

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